The Secret Combo for Getting Productively Creative

Coffitivity is seriously addictive

A young man sitting with headphones.

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How to be creative is a question that's constantly on our mind. Forming just the right environment for a fruitful creative process is also the goal of Coffitivity - a web app that's not only simply amazing: it's amazingly simple. 
Coffitivity is based on scientific research that claims that the perfect conditions for creative work are a combination of calm and commotion; the web app provides this mix by simulating the coffeehouse ambience with a live stream of sounds from a cafe. As you click play, a busy mix of people chatting, glasses clinking and dishes being cleared transports you to an ambient cafe - even if you're at home or in an office. To maximize the Coffitivity experience you're encouraged to simultaneously play your favorite tunes just a tad louder than Coffytivity sounds.
Just click play, plug in your music, and presto! You're ready to start creating. [Source: Coffitivity]

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