The Fashion Accessories that Send Afghan Kids to School

ZAANHA: glamour for good

An Afghan girl.

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Wendy Summer first traveled to Afghanistan in a volunteer capacity mentoring Afgan female entrepreneurs, but soon saw that she wanted to do more. Summer created ZAANHA, a good doing company which sells fashion and home décor accessories made by artisanal studios in Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries. A portion of all ZAANHA sales go to the ZAANHA Fund which is dedicated to sending Afghani children to school. ZAANHA means girl in Dari, a local Afghani language, and is focused on selling quality products ranging from scarves and handbags to sweaters and children’s toys. The empowering social enterprise sees the potential and hope in the children of Afghanistan and is intent on growing their business so that more Afghani kids can thrive and receive a quality education. [Source: ZAANHA]

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