The Sweatshirt with a 10-Year Guarantee

Flint and Tinder: hoodies that last a lifetime

Apr 1, 2013

Image from Flint and Tinder

Have you ever bought a new piece of clothing and noticed within a couple of months that the seams began to fray and the colors started to fade? This is no accident, in fact it's a trick of the trade called planned obsolescence in which clothing is produced to last a short period of time, causing the consumer to buy more. The clothing company Flint and Tinder is looking to change that trend by designing a hooded sweatshirt that will last a lifetime, complete with a 10-year guarantee that includes free mending. Flint and Tinder recently launched Kickstarter campaign to market the durable and ultra strong US manufactured hoodie, and successfully received its initial funding in one day! Taking sustainability to a new level, the 10-year hoodie is built for life with a guarantee that it will only get better with time.

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