The Answer to Saving the Planet: Creativity [VIDEO]

Andy Hobsbawm uses the TED platform to explain how creative communications can raise awareness about environmental issues.

Oct 26, 2014

Have you ever seen a commercial that made you want to drop everything and just buy the product? Or what about an ad that completely changed your opinion? Understanding the power of advertising and creative communications is not only reserved for the guys on Mad Men - rather, these formidable tools can be used to impact positive change.
That is the subject of Andy Hobsbawm’s short but riveting TED talk, in which he explains how creativity can be harnessed to save the planet. In 2007 Hobsbawm and co-founder Naresh Ramchandani launched Do the Green Thing, a public service that creates posters, films, podcasts and products to spread the message of keeping the environment clean. Standing by their motto “Creativity vs. Climate Change,” Do The Green Thing creates beautiful and provocative posters encouraging folks to bike to work, put on a sweater instead of amping up the heat and drink water from the tap. They even teamed up with Earth Hour last year to produce a mind-blowing series of posters about environmental stewardship. The nonprofit also powers a sustainable fashion initiative called Glove Love, a matchmaking service of sorts that finds and hand stitches missing gloves and then sells them as complete and repurposed pairs.
Do The Green Thing is playing its part by reimagining and repackaging environmental discourse to reach a broader audience, similar to Goodnet-favorite Conservation International and their latest video series, Nature Is Speaking.

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