The App That Tells You How Fresh Your Food Is

FoodKeeper is a new app that aims to reduce food waste, with tips on how to store food properly and maximize its freshness.


Woman checking on expiration date on milk.

How fresh is the food in your fridge? [Andrey Armyagov /]

Say you have a three-day old broccoli sitting in your fridge, will you toss it to the trash? According to worldwide statistics, the answer is yes. Even though that broccoli has a shelf life of up to a week, some 40% of food in the United States goes uneaten, resulting in more than 20 pounds of food wasted per person every month. 
A new app FoodKeeper is here to rescue those looking for a bit of guidance to reduce their food waste. Created by the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service and available on iOs and Android, FoodKeeper lists storage timelines for the refrigerator, freezer and pantry. The free app has a calendar that sends notifications when purchased products are nearing the end of their recommended storage date.
Proper storage times are not an exact science - they require a sniff around here and there and some judgment calls to properly gauge food freshness. FoodKeeper is part of a growing move to reduce food waste, and joins other initiatives that are coming up with creative ways to transform edible leftovers into tasty meals and inventing alternative storage to keep food fresh for longer.

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