The App to Help Millennials Make Their Mark, For Free

Stand4 is a social good tech startup that wants to revolutionize charitable giving.

Jul 8, 2015


Stand4, App, Causes
Stand4 screenshot

Stand4: Life is short. Make your mark

The millennial generation - made up of young people born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s - is socially mobile, fast-paced, and comfortable with digital payment systems. Millennials are into personalized marketing, and appreciate follow up for their actions. And yet - 84% of today’s charities are not mobile compatible, 20% can’t accept mobile donations and a whopping 79% have no follow up with their donors.

Florida-based startup Stand4 wants to change that, with a platform that provides the missing link for millennials who want to do good. By teaming up with brands such as Half United, Kayne Anderson and This Bar Saves Lives, Stand4 allows users to ‘take a Stand’ without spending a cent. Instead, the sponsors donate money for each action taken. Examples of actions include sharing inspirational quotes, taking photos and answering questions. Users then get updates on their ‘charitable footprint,’ to track the lives they’ve touched and problems they’ve helped to solve. 

The app was recently released on Android and iOS, and its slogan sums up the mission perfectly - “Life is short. Make your mark”

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