Arianna Huffington Wants to Help Transform Your Life

The Huffington Post editor-in-chief’s new book is all about compassion, giving and inner wisdom.


Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington (Albert H. Teich /

Arianna Huffington is one of the world’s most influential, admirable women. The conservative-turned-liberal commentator made the switch from politics to publishing in the past decade, and has published 14 books and hundreds of columns to date. As the editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group - one of the world’s fastest growing media companies - she knows what it’s like to operate in the potent realms of money and power. And she also knows, that there’s much more to life.
In her new book Thrive, recently released in paperback with a new preface, she shares insights on what she sees as a third metric - the one that we need to really thrive. This sphere is about cultivating our individual capacities for compassion and giving, and learning to draw on our own intuition and inner wisdom. Through personal stories, Huffington stresses the importance of well-being practices like exercise, sleep, meditation and nutrition, to balance out ambition and drive.
Along with the book's new release, Huffington has partnered with to develop a six-week eCourse, which will begin on May 3, 2015. Comprising of over 40 online lessons, the course will be full of practical tips and tools to help participants move from simply surviving and succeeding to really thriving. For more, go to 

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