How Women Can Be Their Best Selves at Work

Helene Lerner's new book 'The Confidence Myth' wants working women to believe in themselves.


Confidence businesswoman

It's all about confidence (elwynn /

Despite leaps and bounds in recent decades, there are still significant gender gaps in the workplace. And while it varies from place to place, and from industry to industry, the trend holds true - women do still earn less than their male counterparts and are less likely to be promoted.
Why? According to prolific author, television host and Fortune 500 workplace consultant Helene Lerner, it's all about confidence. As she expounds in her new book, The Confidence Myth, true confidence isn't about having zero fear. Rather, it's about possessing the courage to push ahead - even though your knees may be shaking. In her new book, Lerner teaches women how to present their best selves, welcome feedback, and think strategically. To hammer in these crucial lessons, the book uses 'Confidence Sparks' - simple, powerful techniques that readers can use to help them get ahead and make an impact in the world.
Ahead of the book's launch on March 2, 2015, Lerner is running an online Confidence Boot Camp. Participants can sign up to the free 14-day program to receive inspirational posts, reflections and activities to their inbox every day - yet another stellar example of female empowerment.