Benefits of Running a Half Marathon

Running 13 miles can be great for physical and mental wellbeing.


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Running a marathon can be physically and mentally challenging, even for the most fit people out there. It can also be extremely enjoyable and satisfying, creating a goal and going for it. A half marathon consists of 13 miles or 21 kilometers. That is a lot of running! It takes training, fueling and lots of preparation to be able to do it. And if your doctor gives you the green light and you choose to go for it, you can enjoy some of the most amazing benefits.

Physical health benefits of running a half marathon
Running a half marathon takes lots of physical training and an active lifestyle. According to the race management company Foxy Running, many of your organs like your lungs, heart and muscles get a workout when you run. This can lead to improved cardiovascular health, stronger muscles and improved endurance. Running a marathon can even help boost your immune system, helping your body fight off unwanted germs and bacteria, according to Health Fitness Revolution.

Running a half marathon takes dedication and discipline, and once you are on the journey you will have to make sure you are getting enough rest and appropriate nutrition. Sleep and nutritious food are essential, and working on getting those can actually build good health and wellness habits. Healthy habits, Foxy Running stressed, help establish a healthy lifestyle and are great for your physical health and wellbeing. 

Mental health benefits of running a half marathon
Did you know that running a half marathon and training for it can help you strengthen your focus and mental strength? According to Medium, your mind has everything to do with preparing for the challenge of running a half marathon, and it takes not only physical strength but lots of mental strength to do it. 

Another great mental health benefit can be found in a study conducted by the World Health Organization. They agree that sports and physical activity help combat and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Running can decrease your stress, improve your mood, boost your self-confidence, increase your cognitive flexibility and even boost your creativity, according to The Marathon Handbook

Running a half marathon can sound intimidating. And it might be a little. 13 miles is a huge distance. But remember, training takes time and you are not expected to be able to do it from one day to the next. The journey of training for and preparing for the experience of running a half marathon can be life changing, as are the long list of physical and mental health benefits you can enjoy when doing it. So think about it. And the next time you work out, perhaps you’ll feel inspired to give running a try.

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