Boy Writes Sweet Letter to Puppy’s Forever Parents

This 6-year-old wrote that Maggie is ‘the best dog ever!’

Apr 26, 2022
Boy Writes Sweet Letter to Puppy’s Forever Parents | This 6-year-old wrote that Maggie is ‘the best dog ever!’

Pet adoption is the perfect way to add a new family member. But if a puppy is too young to be adopted, it must be fostered first. That’s how a pit bull mix puppy named Maggie that was rescued by the North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), ended up being fostered by a sweet six-year-old boy.

The animal rescue organization in Port Washington, New York needed to find a foster home for Maggie because she needed to be trained with basic obedience skills and to become comfortable with a home environment, according to People Magazine. NSALA put out a call for a foster family

Roman Duncan’s family was the lucky one chosen for the job. The boy fell in love with the pit bull and was able to be part of her growth during those formative months, according to Southern Living. The family always made it clear to Roman that Maggie would eventually be adopted and move to a different home.

Maggie spent several months with Roman’s family  in Louisiana and is now happily settled in her forever home. “She’s doing great,” Karla Agostinello, the rescue team manager for the NSALA, told Southern Living. 

Sorting through feelings with pen and paper
When it came time for Maggie to be adopted, Roman decided to write letters to the pup’s future family to help sort through his feelings, reported People. He wrote letters about his furry friend, saying  “Maggie is so cute.” “Maggie loves to play fech.” He  also wrote that, “Maggie is the best bog evr,” and slipped the notes and some photos into Maggie’s paperwork.

Agostinello and the team were surprised and incredibly touched by the notes they found when opening Maggie’s file. NSALA made sure that Roman's notes reached her adopted family. The boy’s gesture is exactly what pet fostering is about.

Benefits of pet fostering
Fostering a pet is a very rewarding, and also emotional experience for everyone involved, since part of the process is having to say goodbye when the animal – in this case a puppy – finds a forever family. And although that is definitely a challenging part of the process, there are also many benefits to fostering pets to both the animal and the foster family, according to the organization Pets for Patriots

A dog or cat that has been rescued might have gone through challenging ordeals such as being lost or abused, and it is possible that they need to learn what it means to live in a home and to trust people again. Fostering is actually a rehabilitation process that reduces the animal’s stress and provides a comforting temporary home while they wait for their forever homes.

It can be therapeutic for the foster family too, and a great opportunity for people who love pets but can’t have them full-time due to lifestyle or other restrictions. Pet fosters get to enjoy helping a pet in need, like Roman and his family did. If you are interested in pet fostering, contact a local shelter or animal rescue near you.

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