Bring Kids' Artwork to Life, One Stuffed Toy at a Time

Budsies custom plush toys are handmade from children's drawings. And they're gorgeous.

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A refrigerator plastered with colorful kids’ drawings is a classic part of being a loving parent, grandparent, doting aunt or a proud uncle. And as the colorful young artwork keeps rolling in, there's the inevitable rotation of pictures to other rooms… and eventually stored away in the basement or thrown out for good. What if there was a way to bring these youthful artworks to life?
Meet Budsies, the custom-made plush toys designed and created from children's drawings. The budding startup receives artworks by email, text or via the website, and then gets right to work on turning them into huggable keepsakes. The drawing is first transformed into a 3D design, then hand sewn into a stuffed toy. Afterwards, the cute creation gets shipped off to its new home, along with a printout of the original artwork.
And Budsies are more than just an original gift experience for kids – they're also doing their bit to help children in need. Joining the One for One movement initiated by TOMS Shoes, the company makes a duplicate of every toy ordered during the months of October and November, and sends the second one to a child in need. What a way to combine creativity and imagination, making the world a little bit better cuddly one toy at a time.

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