The Game That Wants to Make a Better World – For Kids

This family team of developers wants to develop a computer game to encourage good doing – both online and off.

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Enthusiastic, innocent and full of energy, children are a source of inspiration. That's why the family team at A Better World is working on a children's computer game to shape that youthful sense of wonder into real positive impact. "A Better World – For Kids" hopes to tip the scales in favor of good, clean fun on the computer, with a bright, happy interface and refreshingly wholesome tasks. After building their own avatar, children will tally points for doing good deeds such as sharing gratitude, sending get well wishes and feeding pets as well as positive activities such as learning healthy cooking and recycling.

To up the impact, the game's creators want to break down the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world - by rewarding children for tasks done both in and out of the game. As parents themselves, the creators are taking advantage of the immersive, interactive and imaginative qualities of game play to teach values and good habits for life – while having fun, of course.

The team is currently raising money via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, to realize their dream of spreading positive behavior and attitudes to kids across the world. 

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