Britain Is Now Producing More Green Energy Than Ever Before

The future is green!

Jan 18, 2018
Cows graze in front of wind turbines in Cornwall, UK.

(MarcelClemens /

Great Britain has undergone an incredibly clean transformation, and millions of people are benefitting from its efforts.

Six years ago, over 40% of their electricity was generated by burning coal, but the figure has since shrunken down to a mere 7%. And the efforts to reduce the carbon footprint aren’t slowing down.

Wind farms are powering 4.5 million homes, and setting the tone for the push to focus on renewable energy.

Britain is now generating the cleanest electricity they’ve ever produced, and it’s predicted that the combination of wind, solar power, and hydro will produce more than half of Britain's electricity for several hours this year.

The drastic improvement shows how much can change within a few years.

Britain’s efforts to invest in clean energy sets a great example for other nations around the world, looking to help repair our environment and make our planet more livable for everyone.

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