The Calming Effects of Gazing Into a Fire

How staring at a fire can bring internal calm.

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Did you ever notice how looking into an open flame can make you feel calm and peaceful? Whether it is sitting around a bonfire with friends or warming yourself near a cozy fireplace, spending time around a fire can be good for your soul. According to Meditation Daily, looking into a fire for extended periods of time can help bolster your creativity, open the door to a mindful mindset and create a soothing and tranquil environment.  

Spark your imagination
In many civilizations fire has long been associated with forces of passion and innovation but it also has the intrinsic capacity for destruction. Throughout the ages fire has been a source of inspiration drawing on these diametrically opposing powers. 

Sitting by a fire can automatically make people become contemplative and more in tune with their inner voice.  Quietly gazing into a fire can lead to creative and original thinking. Meditation Daily suggests keeping a pen and paper on hand to capture some of these thoughts. 

Fully immersed in the present moment
Watching the dancing flames and listening to the crackling of a fire can bring your mind into clear focus. Additionally, you naturally become more cautious around a fire since it can be potentially dangerous. This level of awareness and receptivity can enhance a good meditation session, by doing nothing more than allowing yourself to be in the moment and paying attention to the flames and your breathing. The fire can help you become fully immersed in the now and to embrace the present moment. 

Deep relaxation
According to The Sydney Morning Herald spending time around an open fire can help reduce stress and promote calm. Even short periods of time, as little as 15 minutes a day, can be very beneficial. 

"Being near a flame daily will have more long-term effects in reducing anxiety and stress. The heat from the flame also increases blood flow, providing anti-inflammatory effects and generally contributes to a feeling of warmth and comfort, both physically and emotionally. Its hypnotic effects also mean that it’s the perfect way to stimulate deeper relaxation through meditation,” Psychologist Leanne Hall explained. 

The fire chakra
According to the Dragon Tree, the third chakra, the Manipura, is also known as the fire chakra. The third chakra is focused internally, inspired by fire which is a source of strength, warmth, transformation, and light. By accessing the third chakra level, a person can begin to understand and access his or her unique spiritual power. A healthy third chakra results in a sense of personal strength, self-worth, discipline, ambition and kindness. 

Sitting near the glow of a fire can help you attune your mind and relax your body. Being around a fire can be a wonderful practice to incorporate into your daily life to invite relaxation and a heightened awareness of the present moment.

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