Cancer Patient Inspires Hope on America’s Got Talent

Nightbirde reassures millions with the words ‘It’s okay.’

Jun 22, 2021
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Cancer Patient Inspires Hope on America’s Got Talent | Nightbirde reassures millions with the words ‘It’s okay.’

When a young woman performed on America’s Got Talent, her story and golden voice touched the world. On June 9, Jane Marczewski, a 30-year-old from Ohio with cancer, displayed inner strength and resilience, offering a message of profound hope by assuring everyone that: “It’s okay.”

Before singing, Marczewski, who goes by the stage name Nightbirde, casually told America’s Got Talent that she has a small chance to live, as seen on the YouTube video. As she has cancer, she said she may not be okay in every way, yet with a sweet smile, she added, “It’s important that everyone knows I am so much more than the bad things that happen to me.”

Nightbirde then launched into an original song that told the story of her past year. “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, we’re all a little lost and it’s all right,” she sang with heartfelt honesty, bringing many listeners to tears.

After she finished singing, it was America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell who first showed tenderness. Infamous for being a harsh critic, according to an NBC4 video, he first told Marczewski that since there have been some great singers this year, he will not give her a “yes.”

The audience and other judges were shocked and disappointed; that is, until Cowell stood up, saying he was going to give her something else. With emotion, he slammed down the show’s Golden Buzzer. Sparkling confetti showered onto the stage, sending her directly to the live shows, hopefully to becoming a winner on the finals. 

As the other judges clapped and gave her a standing ovation, Cowell jumped on stage and hugged Nightbirde saying, “Everything about that was really special.” Her stunning performance soon went viral, with 22 million views and counting. 

Afterwards, she explained on the video that having a two percent chance of survival is not zero percent. “Two percent is something and I wish people knew how amazing it is,” she said with a smile.

Marczewski has been battling cancer since 2017. Life became tougher when her marriage broke up, yet she reached deep inside and came out of her hardship feeling blessed. One tool she used was to tell herself over and over that “It’s okay,” according to NBC4.

She explained that coming close to death makes you realize what is important about life. “You connect with what life is really about; about loving and being loved, seeing and being seen and enjoying every single day for what it is,” she said.

These words also hit a chord during the global pandemic. With many people feeling lost and lonely, she offers reassurance and positivity. Marczewski  aspires to share her strength and become a gift to others, understanding that despite struggling, her own life has been a “miracle after miracle after miracle.” 

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Her song touched so many, it soared to Number One on iTunes. Yet Nightbirde is more than a talented singer; she is a beautiful writer who keeps a personal blog called Nightbirde where she describes her journey. Her lyrical descriptions and honesty resonate with people all over the world. In the blog’s comments, readers describe Nightbirde as a healing balm and an unbelievable gift to all.

One reader shared, “I can actually see, feel and identify with your journey. Thank you for sharing your life so openly. I feel less alone when I read your blogs and watch you sing.” Another added, “Your words will leave a cool drop of water for every soul thirsty in the desert who reads and hears them.”

America’s Got Talent will hold their live shows in a few weeks and then name this season’s winner. As for Nightbirde, she is already a champion. Her words continue to heal broken hearts and offer solace to all.

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