Cargo Bikes Are a Trending Spectacle in More Cities

A revived delivery mode is taking off!

Bicycle messenger making a delivery on a cargo bike

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To move towards a healthier future  while meeting the surge in demand for delivery services, many of the world’s cities have started replacing cars and vans with cargo bikes. These delivery cargo bikes have an immensely positive impact on the environment, and represent a real leap towards creating a more eco-friendly  urban lifestyle. 

Cargo bikes: The advantages
According to Positive.News, studies have already shown that cargo bikes save 90 percent in carbon emissions, making them a much cleaner way to deliver goods and services, while reducing air pollution. 

These bikes offer a variety of other benefits as well. Positive.News reports that the use of bikes allows for faster deliveries. They deliver packages 60 percent faster than cars or vans, while bikes are more effective at reducing traffic due to their small size. According to the Energy Saving Trust, cargo and e-cargo bikes are also a financially effective alternative to a van or a car because they cost less to buy upfront, don’t require the purchase of fuel, and maintenance and repair costs are cheaper too.

The demand for delivery services in urban settings has increased over recent years, leading cities to figure out ways to create more eco-friendly alternatives such as the cargo bike. There has been a parallel increase in the consumer desire to order from companies that are environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious. According to World Bank Blogs, 87 percent of millennials are more inclined to purchase goods and services from environmentally friendly companies.

Welcomed in more global cities
Many cities and delivery services around the world have already started using this eco-friendly mode of transportation for their deliveries. For example, New York City and a number of Scottish cities have teamed up with delivery service company DHL to put these cargo bikes to use. Parcel and Postal Technology International stated that in Scotland, DHL is piloting electric-powered cargo bikes for small deliveries to create more healthy urban environments in its cities. New York City also included Amazon and the United Parcel Service on their list of delivery companies using cargo bikes that are newly permitted to park in commercial loading zones to help get trucks off the city’s congested streets.

The future for cargo bikes is promising. Not only have these bikes already been utilized by many cities around the world, but World Bank Blogs reported that, based on research, these cargo bikes have the ability to deliver 25 percent of goods and 50 percent of light deliveries in cities.  It seems certain that this greener mode of transportation  for deliveries can look forward to a bright and sustained presence in the world’s urban hubs.

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