A Cell Phone that Will Last Forever

The idea behind Phonebloks


No ordinary cell phone.

(fad82 / Shiutterstock.com)

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? When it comes to cell phones, the beloved adage does not ring true - most folks upgrade their phones more than once every two years. But why? Some people are looking for the most up-to-date technology, while others discover that instead of fixing a broken part, it’s easier and cheaper to buy a whole new phone. This amounts to a significant number of discarded cell phones - over 150 million in 2010 in the United States alone.
Dave Hakens has come up with a brilliant concept that might just revolutionize the way electronics are made, starting with cell phones. Phonebloks would be a customized cell phone made up of easily detachable blocks, allowing the user to build their own phone depending on individual needs. Parts would be supplied from a wide range for brands, giving the buyer the choice to construct the cell phone of their dreams. For example, some might want a larger, easy-to-read screen while camera buffs might opt for a premium lens.  
At this point Hakens isn’t seeking out funding for Phonebloks, but rather gauging demand and interest in his ingenious idea. He’s teamed up with Thunderclap, a crowdspeaking platform that allows a singular cause or message to be shared in mass, flash mob-style via social media. Phonebloks’ message will be blasted out on October 29th with the hopes of reaching a large audience, including designers and engineers, who will jump on board to create the very first sustainable cell phone.  

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