Chakra Healing: How To Open Your Heart Chakra

Let love in by opening the heart chakra


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Do you struggle with loving and trusting others? Do you find it difficult to make connections with others? Do you feel out of balance in relationships, either by being too distant or too needy? Do you hold grudges and have trouble forgiving? Do you suffer from social anxiety?

All of these signs indicate the need to balance the heart chakra. Healing exercises and meditation can help open the heart and flow with love and compassion.

What Is a Chakra?

Chakras in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions represent where the physical and spiritual come together. These swirling wheels of energy align along the spine, with three in the lower body and three in the upper body. Connecting them is the heart chakra, or Anahata chakra, situated in the center of the chest.

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Meaning unhurt in Sanskrit, Anahata relates to the love energy in the body. When in balance, we feel love, compassion, and forgiveness. When out of balance, we feel unworthy, co-dependent, and resentful. The heart chakra can also affect the physical body when imbalanced and lead to chest pain, high blood pressure, or poor circulation.

The Heart Chakra at a Glance

Name in Sanskrit: Anahata - meaning unhurt
Location: Center of the chest
Color: Green
Element: Air
Signs of balance: The ability to love and forgive yourself and others
Signs of imbalance: Hatred, selfishness, jealousy, and fear of betrayal

Meaning “unhurt” in Sanskrit, the Anahata or heart chakra refers to a place where no hurt exists. When the heart chakra is in balance, we feel a free flow of love and compassion. Those who feel hurt from the past live with a blocked heart chakra and come from places of pain, fear, and distrust of themselves and others.

How To Open the Heart Chakra

Burn Anahata incense and essential oils. 

Aromatherapy has powerful healing properties that can awaken feelings of love and forgiveness. Top open the heart chakra, burn essential oils, candles, or incense with scents of rose, lavender, sandalwood, orange, and jasmine.

Repeat positive affirmations about love

Negative thought patterns can prevent love from flowing freely. Positive affirmation set intentions that break old habits and create new ones. To open the heart chakra, repeat affirmations that invite love and compassion such as:

  • I welcome love with an open heart.
  • My heart is free from all the wounds of the past.
  • I forgive others, and I forgive myself.
  • I am open to love and receive more of it every day.
  • I naturally attract love everywhere I go.
  • I create supportive, loving relationships that are good for me.

Practice postures that open the heart

Holding postures with mindful breathing helps release tension and open the heart chakra. Poses like upward facing dog, camel, and bridge drive the chest toward the sky and open the Anahata chakra.

Give love to receive love

The best way to receive love is by giving it. What can you do each day to show love to those around you? Try smiling at those you see. Forgive old grudges and let go of past grievances. Avoid criticizing yourself and others. Compliment the people you know on their strengths and achievements. Going out of your way to be kind to others will help bring balance to the heart chakra.

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