Color These Beautiful Mandalas to Find the Equilibrium You Need!

Do some mindful coloring with Goodnet’s original mandala designs to relax and recover your sense of tranquility.

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Most people have been wondering how to stay occupied — but calm — while at home during this quarantine season. Many have started to do some mindful coloring. They are finding it therapeutic to add their choice of color to designs, zoning out the world and just being present in that moment. While you #StayAtHome, why not get involved in some mindful coloring using Mandala coloring pages created by Goodnet’s own design team?

Even if you haven’t picked up a paintbrush or a pencil in years, to help get you started, our design team, working from desks in their own homes, has sent us their interpretations of this ancient, mystical art form to share. Why not print out your favorite design to color and display in your home? You can also screen shot them on your phone.

We’re bringing you four, downloadable mandala designs to color

Take your pick from these four, exquisite and downloadable Goodnet designs! In each option, the multihued mandala version is there to inspire you to get coloring!

Mandala 1

Download Mandala 1 now!

Courtesy of Goodnet

Mandala 2

Download Mandala 2 now!

Courtesy of Goodnet

Mandala 3

Download Mandala 3 now!

Courtesy of Goodnet

Mandala 4

Download Mandala 4 now!

Courtesy of Goodnet

More about mandalas and their healing power

Mandalas are spiritual geometric symbols said to represent the universe, and contain powerful healing energies. Meaning “circle” in Sanskrit, in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the coloring or drawing of mandalas while meditating helps connect to the infinite, the world that extends beyond and within our bodies and minds. They are often used as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing a sacred space.

Mandalas  come in many forms, mostly originating throughout Tibet, India, Japan, China, Nepal, and Bhutan. Some designs represent the cosmos and sacred realms of the universe. Others may represent the elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Lotus mandalas illustrate the flower iconic in Buddhism symbolism, while yantra mandalas depict yogic postures and routines from Vajrayana Buddhism.

Remember that the mandala offers far more than an art project. Coloring mandalas has tremendous health benefits. You’ll enhance your ability to focus, and doctors recommend mandalas for reducing stress, or when coping with an illness.

As you color your patterns, use this as an opportunity for active meditation. Breathe slowly and deeply. As your mind stills, try to focus your attention on the mandala. As your thoughts wander, bring them gently back to the mandala. Through this simple practice, you’ll bring much-needed stillness to your mind and body.

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