A Community of 3D-Printed Houses Is Coming to the Netherlands

The world's first 3D-printed homes you can actually live in will be built in the Dutch city of Eindhoven

(Matjazz / Shutterstock.com)

We all know that 3D printing is the way of the future. People have made all kinds of incredible 3D printed things, ranging from bicycles to lawnmowers, artwork, and more. There is even a 3D printed bridge in the Netherlands. The next step for 3D printing? Homes.

That’s right. Eindhoven, a city in the Netherlands, will be the first to print inhabitable homes. Other prototype houses have been built, but none that were fit for people to actually live in. The project is in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology, and they hope to change the future of construction. The houses will all be occupied, and they will all meet modern standards and comfort requirements.

The first house will be just one floor, but in the future, they hope to build them up to three stories tall using this innovative technique. If the university’s project is a success, they hope it will influence building techniques worldwide. Due to the precision of 3D printing, the new technology will reduce costs and cut down on wasted building materials. It will also make customizing homes to fit customer's’ wishes easier.

By building with a 3D printer, you can make practically any shape, as opposed to traditional building methods. The concrete of the 3D printed houses is also cheaper than other building materials such as brick, wood, and stucco. These new homes will truly change the face of construction around the world in the upcoming years.

The first 3D printed house is scheduled to be completed mid-2019, with the other homes being built throughout the next five years. People are already lining up to buy these innovative homes. These creative, environmentally friendly homes will truly change the face of construction.

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