A Desert Art Installation That’s Perfect for Instagram Lovers

'Seven Magic Mountains' is a line of hypercolor painted pillars constructed from boulders.



(oscar bahena / Shutterstock.com)

One can't help but smile at the latest public art work of renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. At once unexpected, quirky and curious, 'Seven Magic Mountains' is a line of hypercolor painted pillars constructed from boulders, implanted against the bone-dry monotone of the Nevada desert. For those road tripping to Las Vegas, the exhibit is just 10 miles south of the Las Vegas Boulevard and St. Rose Parkway intersection, making for an easy afternoon jaunt away from the famous strip.

The work is a telling line between the natural and the artificial, much like its actual location. Just as Las Vegas is known the world over for its onslaught of hotels mirroring famous cities and monuments, Seven Magic Mountains is comprised of a septet of locally-sourced boulders, painted extra bright for maximum effect - an artificial enigma set in an all-encompassing native landscape. The result is a modern-day oasis of sorts, a breath of fresh air, and a happy-go-lucky pop of color amid the desert sands.

Instagram lovers, take note, the large-scale work is a two-year on-site exhibition, so you can snap up this most perfect backdrop between now and May 2018.

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