Sweden’s New Campaign Lets You Borrow Clothes Over Instagram

#Sharewear is getting people talking about sustainability.


(ivastasya / Shutterstock.com)

ShareWear refers to its 2016 collection as “style money can’t buy,” but it’s not necessarily the timeless design nor the quality garments that make this statement true. Rather, the collection quite literally cannot be purchased – because ShareWear loans out garments from top Swedish brands for free.

The genius campaign, launched by the Swedish Institute and VisitSweden, works like this: items up for loan are posted on Instagram with the hashtag, #sharewear. The first to comment on an item collects the garment, which they get to keep for a week. When the week is up, the item is re-posted on Instagram with a geolocation and the same hashtag - and the cycle continues.

ShareWear isn’t just making a fashion statement - it’s making a statement on sustainability. "The idea was to inspire people to take a closer look at what the fashion industry or wearing clothes means for the impact that it has on our planet," Henrik Selin of the Swedish Institute told Fast Company."The average Swede throws away eight kilos of clothes a year. [ShareWear] is not a proposal to alter the Swedish fashion industry, but to do things in a slightly different way, to introduce the option of actually lending people fashion and giving garments a second life."

While perhaps the environmental impacts of driving a car or food waste are more well-known, less people consider the consequences of frequently purchasing new clothes. For example, it takes 3,800 liters of water to create just one new pair of jeans. With its new campaign, ShareWear hopes to bring this issue to forefront - and look good while doing it.

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