DIY Mobile Phone Repair Is Now Easy!

This innovative repair program makes it possible to fix these popular devices at home.

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Starting in 2022, Apple users will be able to repair their own devices through its new Self Service Repair program. The program will provide customers the opportunity to repair their own Apple products at home. This is a huge step forward for customers who want to repair their products themselves and so enjoy durable products with greater certainty. Wired quoted the director of the US Public Interest Research Group’s right to repair campaign, Nathan Proctor, stating, “It’s a win for repair shops, it's a win for consumers, and it's a win for the planet.”

What is the Self Service Repair program?
Self Service Repair is a program created by Apple that gives customers the opportunity to repair their own devices by providing manuals, parts, and tools for at-home repair. It will be available first for Apple’s newest phones, and the program will then add other Apple products at a later time. 

Along with providing a DIY option for customers to repair their own phones, the program also benefits those who felt the company was creating products with the goal of planned obsolescence or, in other words, making their products with the intention of  getting their customers to upgrade later. This is also a win-win for customers because they will receive high-quality and reliable products. 

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According to engadget, the initial phase of the program will start with the basics such as repairing the battery, display, and camera, with customers reviewing the manuals and then ordering what they need from the company’s Self Service Repair Online Store. According to Wired, the online store will offer  customers over two hundred repair parts and tools. 

Engadget also reported that the CEO of iFixit shared his support for the new Apple program reporting that, “Kyle Wiens told Engadget in a statement that Self Service Repair was ‘exactly the right thing’ for Apple to do, and a step back toward ‘long-lasting’ products.”

It’s good for the planet!
Not only will the program provide more durable products and the option for DIY repair, but it also will be good for the environment! The Self Service Repair Online Store will also enable customers to return the old products they replace,  back to the company. The company will then recycle these used products.

According to Wired, when used products are returned to the company for recycling, the customer will then receive credits towards future purchases at the repair store. 

What does the future hold for the program? 
Additions to the program are on the cards, while Apple will make it available in more countries. 

According to Wired, the Self Service Repair program is an important step towards making products more easily repairable. Apple is planning to add increased repairability features into their product designs in the future as well.

The Self Service Repair program will make phones easily repairable and so more durable. For customers, this means that they will be receiving quality products and will be saving money by not needing to buy the latest phone models. Instead, customers can repair their own phones right from the comfort of their own homes!

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