Dove is Offering $5000 to Dads Without Access to Paid Paternity Leave

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Dove’s family-friendly products are a mainstay in millions of bathrooms across the world, and now, the beauty company is pledging to look after families in a completely new way. In an effort to help fathers spend more time with their newborns, the company is offering $5,000 in paternity grants for dads who won’t get paid for their time off.

The Paternity Leave Fund allows expectant or current dads, business/community leaders, and allies to express why the United States needs better paternity leave laws and empowers businesses to help take a stand. To drive home their mission, Dove also included a form on their website so fathers in immediate need of paid leave can sign the pledge and answer questions about how much their employers pay for paternity leave, how the money would benefit them, what it means to be a ‘caring dad,’ and more.

Dove began their campaign last year after releasing a video called #DearFutureDads focusing their efforts on pushing for new paternity leave reform. As of now, the US has no federal paid paternity law that requires companies to pay new fathers while they bond with their newborn. And what’s more, though companies with over 50 employees can’t fire dads for taking up to 12 weeks off, they’re not required to pay them during that time.

It’s no surprise then that very few fathers take more than 10 days off of work after welcoming a new edition to their family. And it’s not just the fathers who would benefit from paternity leave laws. According to the Department of Labor, children experience “fewer behavioral problems and improved cognitive and mental health outcomes” when dads are able to take paternity leave and be more involved in childcare.

Mothers also come out the winners when fathers can take more of an active role; they’re able to go back to work feeling supported, which ultimately has a positive ripple effect on female wages and bringing more women into the workplace.

Although it’ll take time to create laws more suited towards supporting families, Dove’s pledge and grants will help fathers across the US create a more equal environment for us all.

You can become a signatory to the Paternity Pledge here, and apply for the Paternity Leave Fund here.

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