Why Eating Healthy To Fight Cancer Is A Recipe For Success

The Eat to Beat campaign is changing the way we think about prevention


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Taking the saying “You are what you eat!” to a whole new level, global campaign Eat to Beat Cancer aims to dramatically slow down the world’s cancer epidemic by getting people to eat foods that starve the harmful disease. Spearheading an innovative shift in thinking towards cancer prevention, the online resource hub offers a platform for its community to inspire, influence, and monitor dietary behavior change.

With a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that foods we consume daily can fight cancer by blocking the blood vessels that feed cancer, this ground-breaking movement is aiming to raise awareness of the proven strategy of "starving cancers” as a form of prevention.

The goal of the Eat to Beat initiative is to identify the most potent anti-angiogenesis foods, based on the best available research, and to spread the word to people across the planet. The initiative’s ENABLE (Enabling Network for Access to Best Levels of Evidence) System is democratizing this knowledge using information technology, social media, a user-community, and a global network of experts.

One of the niftiest features of the Eat to Beat website is the section filled with plenty of healthy recipes that incorporate many of the over 100 foods that have been proven to help fight cancer. Working together with chefs and scientists, the recipes are practical, healthy, simple and tasty, and the best thing is that most can be made in less than 25-30 minutes.

Community and support is a big feature of Eat to Beat, and there are plenty of ways for people to get involved and spread the important message. Whether it’s sharing experiences on social media, participating in a cancer prevention study, organizing a fundraising event or donating directly to the cause, everyone has something to offer.

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