Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Life

Embrace all the joy and beauty in life every day this spring.

Enjoying beautiful spring tulips in your home.

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Appreciating the little things in life may sound like a nice goal or like a saying you should think about every once in a while. For some, however, it has become a real way of life. It’s even a trend that some call “romanticizing your life”, and according to The NYT, it is a philosophy you might want to incorporate into yours, especially this spring.

Bring beauty and joy into your life
The trend of romanticizing your life, reports NYT, is all about taking the most mundane activities and things and making them special, unique, and enjoyable. Some videos on social media show people doing things like buying bouquets of flowers for no special reason, spraying delicious scents on their linen after making their beds, and making themselves an especially lovely breakfast. It can be something different for every person, yet the main idea remains the same: bringing beauty and joy into the nooks and crannies of your life

Instead of waiting for those out of the ordinary moments, making the ordinary ones special can bring joy and enjoyment and simple beauty into your everyday life, according to The Good Trade.

“It’s about not waiting around for the big, grand moments in your life and those milestones to be able to genuinely enjoy things, because the reality is, our lives are not filled with exponentially incredible things every single day,” Salt Lake City-based Ashley Kipps, a content creator on TikTok and Instagram told The Good Trade.

How to romanticize your life this spring
Romanticizing your life doesn't require you to buy new things or make any drastic changes. In fact, according to The Every Girl ,all you need to do to find magic and beauty around you and in those little moments is to be more intentional and start looking for them. 

For example, if you have a nice bottle of wine that you’ve been saving, or have some really beautiful china you never use, just go for it. Drink it, use it, don’t wait for a special occasion. Now can be special.

You can do things like set the dinner table and set the mood with music, dimming the lights and perhaps adding some spring flowers if you have some at home. Make infused water with cucumbers, lemons, strawberries, and other fruit you enjoy. Get sunlight throughout the day and enjoy it. 

But the most important thing is to do things you enjoy and do them slowly. Life is full of beauty and joy, in the spring and anytime of the year.

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