Experience 24-Hours of Good Deeds Day From Home

Check out these amazing projects from around the world.


What good deed will you do?

What good deed will you do? (Courtesy Good Deeds Day)

Good Deeds Day 2020, the yearly pinnacle event of doing good, was a very unique celebration. When the daywas postponed for in-person events and it was clear that Good Deeds Day was going virtual, the people who make the day happen didn’t let that obstacle stop them.

The GDD team saw that people and organizations were doing good in their communities focusing on the distribution of food, masks, hand sanitizer, and other essential items during the early days of the pandemic, according to Stephanie Fabricant, the digital marketing coordinator of Good Deeds Day. “So many partners participated and celebrated Good Deeds Day right from their own homes,” she said. 

That’s why the team  decided to highlight these acts of kindness by running a 24-hours of Good Deeds From Home on Facebook and Instagram and scheduled for Good Deeds Day on March 29, 2020. Each of the partner organizations that GDD works with shared a 1-minute video and the posts ran that day into the next.

Here are just some of the amazing projects that were done around the globe. And don't forget that Good Deeds Day 2021 will be on April 11. Registration is open.

Making Upbeat Cards to Brighten People’s Day in Tanzania

There’s no better way to brighten a person’s day or put a smile on their face than to receive  an upbeat hand-made card.  Dorothy made cards for her neighbors and friends in her community on Good Deeds Day.

Doing Good for the Planet In Russia

Saving energy at home is doing good for the planet. Unplugging all the devices you don’t use is an easy way to go green. You can try this from home!

Distributing Soap to the Community in Malawi

Mzuzu E-Hub distributed soap to the Chipunga community and educated people about washing hands frequently, something that was vitally important to protect people from the coronavirus.

Hands on Manilla Wants You to Stay Safe

In the Philippines, GDD’s partner hands on Manilla sends an important message to everyone: “Please stay home and save lives!” It really is that simple.

Recycling in Moldova

No curbside recycling? No problem! This video shows how to DIY recycling bins to clean up your community and save trash from going into landfills and waterways.

Donating Food and Masks to the Needy in the Community

Good Deeds Day Sierra Leone donated and distributed 5,000 hand decorated masks and food  to the needy in the community. It’s easy to do good without large gatherings!

Tips on How to Do Good From Singapore

Jim Lim from Lead Thrive-Synergist shares how to do good during the pandemic by doing FAST. F is for focusing on Self-Care by eating well and being responsible. A is allowing others to support you. S is for strengthening your relationship with your family and coworkers. And T is for remembering to thank the frontline workers who fight this virus around the clock.

Making hand Sanitizer in Cameroon

Green and Better World, an NGO in Africa, made their own high quality hand sanitizer to distribute to their community. Keeping people safe and protected is one of the best good deeds one can do.

Visiting the Elderly in Nigeria

During the early days of the pandemic, volunteers visited elderly members of the community because growing old is a blessing but being alone is not. The people visited were given fresh water, hand sanitizer and educated about hand washing.

Keeping People Safe in South Korea

A wellness fair helps people learn about how to stay safe and healthy.  Distributing hand sanitizer and masks is a great way to help your neighbors stay safe.

Feeding the Hungry in India

GDD’s partners in India distributed delicious meals to 3,000 people in need. That’s an amazing accomplishment!


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Good Deeds Day, an annual global day of doing good, is the pinnacle of doing good year-round. Initiated in 2007 by business woman and philanthropist Shari Arison, Good Deeds Day has grown to 108 countries with millions of participants.  Good Deeds Day 2021 is on April 11.