The Fashion Collection for Kids with Disabilities - by Tommy Hilfiger

Runway of Dreams teams up with Tommy Hilfiger to make fashionable clothing accessible for different body shapes and sizes.


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Fashion designer Mindy Scheier’s son Oliver came home from school one day and told his mom that he wants to wear jeans “like the other kids.” Sounds simple, but for Oliver, like 1 in 20 children across the US who have a disability, finding fashionable clothes that fit him is a real challenge. This was all the inspiration Scheier needed to launch Runway of Dreams, a nonprofit that works with the fashion industry to adapt mainstream clothing for the differently-abled community.

For the Spring 2016 collection, Runway of Dreams is taking it up a notch by collaborating with its first major brand, Tommy Hilfiger, in the form of an adaptive version of the iconic brand’s children’s line. Considering that until recently adaptive clothing was largely unavailable and unstylish - this is exciting news for the disabled community and the fashion industry alike.

From a technological perspective, the process of adapting clothes is relatively simple. A fabric strip with enclosed magnets replaces closures such as buttons and zippers, making it easy for children to get in and out of their clothes. The items are also adjusted to fit more body types, by adding features such as rouching and alternative ways to put the clothes on and take them off.

In Scheier’s own words, this clothing line is an important step towards no parent having to say to their child, “I’m so sorry honey, you can’t dress like the other kids.”

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