Find Out This Car Wash’s Secret to Success

The family-owned business is a way to employ and support autistic adults.


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The Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, Florida is one of the best when it comes to customer service and pumping out squeaky-clean cars.  It’s a family-owned and run business with the founder John D’Eri at the head and his two sons Tom and Andrew out in the field.
What sets this car wash apart from other businesses is that out of the 43 employees, 35 are on the autism spectrum. The idea for the car was born from the D’Eri family's desire to create a way to support their autistic son Andrew - both financially and emotionally.
Fact #1: Individuals with autism are gifted at performing structured tasks, following processes and attention to detail. Fact #2: In the autism community in the United States, once someone turns 22 years old, they age out of the system leaving 90% of autistic adults without employment or structure.
The Rising Tide Car Wash blends these two facts into a lucrative business on a social mission. It gives autistic workers a purpose, livelihood and environment in which they can socialize - resulting in some of the very best employees around and the secret to their success. 

Watch the incredible story below: 

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