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50 Ways to Get a Job mixes fun with practical tasks to help you find your dream job

Jun 10, 2014

Screenshot from 50 Ways to Get a Job

Looking for a new job can be daunting, but like with most things in life, anything is possible when you break it down and turn a large task into smaller more manageable ones. That's exactly the idea behind 50 Ways to Get a Job - a website that swaps traditional career advice for color-coded, interactive guidance that will help you find your dream job. Almost like a fun game, the site first asks you to choose what stage of the job search you are at - from "Starting" all the way to "Happy" - and then depending on your answer, it gives you a set of practical tasks to complete. There are 50 steps in total, ranging from "Make a List of What You Want to Learn" to "Go on a Solo Trip", that are all intended to prepare and inspire even the most experienced job hunter. There's no set order to the process and it's designed to encourage you to jump from mission to mission in a way that makes most sense to the individual. Whether you need to go through all the stages listed, or you're pretty near the end of your search, 50 Ways to Get a Job is a great tool for realizing your true calling in life.

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