5 Ways Tennis Can Boost Wellbeing

Discover how tennis can serve a person’s health and wellness.


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Are you looking for a fun way to improve your fitness? Look no further than tennis! This fast-paced sport offers more than just a good time on the court. Here are a few reasons why you might want to go grab a racket and start swinging. 

Become more agile and flexible
Tennis, as you may know, demans quick reflexes, swift changes in direction and agile movements. These activities help improve your overall coordination, balance and overall flexibility, according to the Australian government’s Better Health

A study conducted by The Physiotherapy Associates of Scottsdale, Arizona, found that tennis players showed a greater ability for flexibility and agility compared to people who are more sedentary and lead less active lives. So, lace up those tennis shoes and get ready to play!

Improve your heart’s health
Tennis is one of those sports that can get your heart pumping and blood flowing. The constant movement, short bursts of intense activity and aerobic endurance required in the game help improve your cardiovascular health. A study performed by the British Journal of Sports Medicine. It found that sports with rackets, like tennis, can help lower their player’s risk of cardiovascular diseases. Who knew that hitting a ball with a racket could be so good for your heart?

Mental wellness and growth mindset
According to the USTA, which is the national governing body for the sport of tennis in the United States, tennis protects and supports mental as well as physical health for its players. Tennis training encourages discipline and requires a person to be in what is known as a growth mindset. The USTA also says it can help improve your psychological resilience, which is the ability to thrive when being exposed to adversity. It can definitely be a useful skill in life. 

Overall strength
Have you ever noticed that tennis isn’t just about the arm movements? It actually involves and engages multiple muscle groups. The constant running, swinging and hitting the ball builds muscular strength and endurance. Because of this, tennis, ABC Australia reports , can make you physically as well as mentally strong. 

Social interaction
Some sports can be played or done on your own, such as swimming. Tennis is not one of them. And the benefits of playing with a partner, according to Verywell Fit, are more than one. They explain that the social interaction that happens as a result of playing tennis with someone else is great for your social interaction, but also boosts your mental and physical wellbeing. Why? Because just by being on the court with someone else and being together can make you feel less alone. The combination of physical activity and social enjoyment can really do wonders for you. 

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