Food Tips to Deepen Meditation

Adding bliss to meditation starts in the belly.

There is a connection between the food you eat and meditation.

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Are you looking to deepen your meditation practice? The foods we eat sustain more than the body because food also nourishes the mind and soul. According to mindbodygreen, there are food choices that will invite calm, enabling you to have an enhanced and meaningful meditation.

 Do you have times when you try to meditate but are assaulted by thoughts darting here and there? If you often feel that your focus has flown out the window, the reason could be your diet, according to the organization Art of Living. Healthy food may not only uplift your meditation, it may change your life! Here are four eating tips to follow when planning your next mindfulness practice.

Fast in the Morning

If you like to meditate in the morning, postpone breakfast. As soon as you eat, you awaken your metabolism and your digestive system, according to mindbodygreen. This can take energy away from your meditation.

If you find yourself hungry before your morning meditation, have a few sips of water with lemon. You can also add half a tablespoon of turmeric to your water to give yourself an antioxidant brain boost. Or, have a healthy organic smoothie, then wait half an hour before beginning an intentional meditation.

Try turmeric tea in the morning before you meditate.


Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Foods that are light and easy to digest offer life force, or prana, according to Medium. Other food choices that are easy to digest include salads, soups, and grains. Check out some nourishing and healthy recipes that include a chopped chickpea salad and tai veggie crunchy rolls.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest.

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Avoid Heavy Foods

Just as you want to focus on eating light vegan foods, avoid the heavy ones. Fried, oily and non-vegetarian foods will make your meditation practice that much harder, according to Medium. 

This is because these foods take a long time to digest and that same energy could have been used for your meditation. Oily, meaty meals also make you tired, turning your meditation into a long and deep nap!

Salads are good for light eating.

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Drink Lots of Water

As a practice, it is beneficial to drink two liters of water a day, as recommended by Art of Living. If you do not like water, add a bit of fruit juice to your glass, but avoid those carbonated beverages!

Listen to your body and drink only when you are thirsty, advises The Yoga Institute organization. Too much water in one sitting may cause discomfort and make more work for the kidneys. It is also recommended to drink slowly, sip while sitting down, and not to drink water during meals

Keep hydrated by drinking water.

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