For Every Bottle of Water You Buy, a Tree Will Be Planted

The bottles that are made from the environment for the environment


Plastic water bottles.

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The terms "bottled water" and "good for the environment" don't usually go hand in hand, except of course when Treeson Spring Water is involved. That's because for every bottle they sell, a tree will be planted to offset the carbon footprint created during the manufacturing process.
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Treeson is on the way to creating a 100% natural, sustainable product that is friendly to the planet.
Using the world's first GPS eco-app Treeson customers can track their bottles and see the positive environmental impact of the trees that have been planted in their honor. In fact, because the bottles are made from plant-based, biodegradable materials, in the right conditions they can even be buried in the ground.
Not only does Treeson use only natural spring water, the chemical-free bottles don’t leave an aftertaste and the water is healthier to drink.
Helping the environment never tasted so good!

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