Free CPR Kiosks in Airports Teach People to Save Lives

In just 5 minutes, people learn basic CPR just as well as those who enrolled in a 30-minute course.


(Courtesy of American Heart Association)

CRP is one of the skills that remains useful no matter where you are in life. While many schools around the nation teach the practice, millions of citizens may not have time to invest in a course. The good news is, we no longer need to sign up for a class to learn the life-saving skills of CPR!

New airport kiosks offer essential and life-saving tips in five minutes, all for free. Research by the American Heart Association says that people who learn hands-only Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation during a 5-minute kiosk class learned the movements just as well as those who enrolled in a 30-minute course, led by a certified teacher. And this is one life skill everyone could learn.

Every year, there are more than 350,000 cardiac arrests outside of the hospital, yet and survival rates can triple if someone performs CPR. To increase the survival rate, the AHA installed around 30 kiosks around the United States, in airports and other public areas, and they hope to continue adding more resources.

The  Association’s Chief of Mission Aligned Businesses and Healthcare Solutions, John Meiners, said that their “study provides insights on hands-only CPR education methods that deepen our understanding of how people can continue to be trained more efficiently and effectively, so they’ll feel empowered and confident to take action.” 

As CPR combines the use of both mental and physical actions and processes, the chances of a person improving their skills rise dramatically the more they go through the steps, study co-author and Director of Product and Research Innovation at the Association, Lana M. Gent said. And because the course is only 5-minutes, we can all spare a little time to practice when out and about, or waiting for a flight during a layover.

“We have heard stories from people who have saved a person’s life after learning hands-only CPR at a kiosk, as well as stories from healthcare providers who use a kiosk to refresh their skills between flights at an airport,” she added.

“Based on the findings from this study, we hope to have more kiosks placed in high-traffic locations.”

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