The Gangsta Gardener Who Redefined Masculinity

Planting seeds in the community

Dec 12, 2017


The Gangsta Gardener Who Redefined Masculinity | Planting seeds in the community

Green thumbs come in all shapes and sizes. Ron Finley, a Los Angelean ‘gangsta gardner’ and community leader wants to change the perception of what it means to be ‘gangsta’ male. For him, life is all about turning the negatives into positives, staying true to your beliefs and values, and helping others.

“Gardening is gangsta: Mother Nature is gangsta. Being educated, creative and self-sustaining is gangsta. That whole concept was about turning a negative into a positive. If you want to be gangsta about anything, make it about building your community, sharing knowledge,” he said×¥

For the gardner, the hobby is a way to your attention inward, self reflect, and develop an appreciation for nature. And he’s on a mission to pass these morals down to his three sons and serve as a role model who questions a man’s role in society.

“We all want healthy food, clean water, and to be loved. I don’t see holding back emotion or affection as being a man. I’ve cried on stage.. real people cry, he said. Finley’s passion has lead to numerous opportunities around the world, where he speaks to people ‘building and reconstructing their lives and communities,’ planting one seed at a time.

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