Coming Soon: The Smart Garden For Your Kitchen Counter

Currently fundraising on Indiegogo, the ROOT countertop gardening system lets you grow herbs and veggies anywhere.


Counter top garden

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Modern city life has loads of benefits - non-stop culture, access to a variety of multicultural foods, socializing galore, a melting pot of different ideas and points of view… the list goes on. What’s generally in short supply, however, is space - something crucial for fresh, locally-grown food. Joining a host of creative solutions to this problem is the ROOT countertop gardening system, a smart, funky-looking super-pot which can turn even the smallest space into a thriving veggie patch.
Currently fundraising on Indiegogo, ROOT aims to make indoor gardening faster and more efficient with its ground-breaking hydroponic system. In simple terms - growing with water instead of soil, so that plants get their nutrients delivered directly into their roots. Even cooler is the smart LED light system, that synchronizes with your smartphone so your garden can wake up and go to bed on your own unique schedule.
From lettuces and leafy greens to cherry tomatoes, chilli peppers and a variety of herbs, incorporating fresh ingredients into your healthy home cooking couldn’t be easier - and the mini garden will only take up one square foot of scarce apartment space.
And the cherry (tomato) on top? ROOT is sustainably produced using recycled plastics. Sounds like it might just be the perfect gardening buddy for the urban jungle.

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