Get Inspired by Humor Ahead of World Laughter Day!

Humans love to laugh, and people are sharing plenty of laughter triggers right now.

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Get Inspired by Humor Ahead of World Laughter Day! | Humans love to laugh, and people are sharing plenty of laughter triggers right now.

It’s official, laughter is so often the best medicine and it’s helping so many of us make sense of the world right now, even when we leave our homes to go on errands feeling like Darth Vader. Plus it's World Laughter Day in May, so here is Goodnet’s update on the global laughter landscape and endeavors to “find the funny” — and it’s looking good!

Laughter has multiple benefits that are backed by science. It releases bursts of dopamine, a hormone and neurotransmitter which serves as a reward for the brain, creating a sense of euphoria. It also relieves stress and boosts our mood among other positive outcomes. It has been embraced by newer trends like “laughter yoga” shown in the video.

And in the last couple of months, humor has become a popular route back to the outside world for people self-isolating. Just look at the warm welcome for actor John Krasinski’s SomeGoodNews YouTube show, or the many jokes about toilet-paper hoarders.

Humor by generation
Humor seems to be a generational thing. Older baby boomers and Gen X members seem to prefer an observational type of “we’re-all-in-this-together” humor seen in memes like “Anyone else starting to get a tan from the light in your Refrigerator?” Younger generations are sharing a whole range of emotions, with humor featuring strongly in user-generated videos on TikTok.

Two comedians, Taylor Tomlinson and Sam Morril, have turned their unexpected cohabitation after just a few months of dating into an Instagram web series “New Couple Gets Quarantined”:

Zoom with a difference
The Tampa Bay Times recently reported on a new service from PR consultant, Travis Claytor, aiming to help lift the spirts of folks working from home and finding themselves in back-to-back video conference meetings. Claytor offers cute animals from his small farm in Plant City, Florida, to sit in on virtual work meetings:

“Since we’re quarantined, I’ve decided to help people liven up their virtual meetings with special animal attendees…I think we are in such an interesting place where we are figuring out what the new norm is, and there is no norm. So you get this lighthearted jolt from what you had expected to be the daily check-in with the Zoom call, and you see a goat.”

Fun social media challenges
With social calendars a little empty, people have got creative looking for ways to pass the time at home, and sharing some hilarious results.

We’re loving the exciting world of DIY art and how, with the pandemic closing most public cultural institutions, art lovers with a sense of humor have shifted their focus online, cleverly replicating their favorite artworks for the Getty Museum and related art challenges:

And there’s so much more funny stuff doing the social media rounds. For instance, the #PillowChallenge appeals to creative fashionistas who are transforming their pillows into DIY quarantine couture dresses. Many people think actress Anne Hathaway nailed it, making her pillow look like the next red carpet best-dressed outfit!

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“A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early.” ???? #pillowchallenge

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A million people and counting have joined the “Bin Isolation Outing” group on Facebook, dressing up as superheroes for a normally mundane chore: wheeling their trash to the curb. The group’s description reads: "So basically the bin goes out more than us SO let’s dress up for the occasion! Fancy dress, makeup, tutu... be creative! Post photos to cheer us up… after all laughter is the best medicine.”

Six-year-old comedian!
Callaghan McLaughlin is a natural joker. He has set up a “Drive-by Joke Stand” to bring a smile to the faces of passersby in Saanich in British Columbia with his cute take on a lemonade stand.

His Mom, Kelsea McLaughlin, told Yahoo Life, "Callaghan has been actively telling us one-liners and knock-knock jokes for the past six months or so.  We felt it was time for a fresh audience!"

Call the joke helpline
Alaska’s capital city, Juneau, has launched a joke hotline to cheer people up reports Alaska News. Three volunteers, a retired man, and two high school students record a PG joke for the City and Borough of Juneau hotline each day, making good use of a line allocated for a popular hiking program that is on hold. The joke line already crashed at least once due to local demand! Submit “good, clean, corny jokes” here.

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