John Krasinski Says It’s Time For Some Good News!

Thumbs up to the new upbeat news show we’ve all been waiting for!

Apr 1, 2020
John Krasinski Says It’s Time For Some Good News! | Thumbs up to the new upbeat news show we’ve all been waiting for!

Picture this. Charismatic actor, John Krasinski, and star of American series, The Office, is talking to camera in what looks like a study in his home. He’s dressed for work, but behind him is an eye-catching kid’s drawing of the letters “SGN”. But this isn’t a peek into how Hollywood royalty live (he’s married to actress Emily Blunt). Things feel authentic, not too slick (the crayon-colored “logo” is the work of his kids, Hazel and Violet). And he’s speaking from the heart like any of us WFH. This is what the newest provider of positive news looks like. Welcome to Some Good News on YouTube!

And we’re loving it! By sharing some of the many uplifting stories around the world on his new channel sending good vibes from his home to us, also hunkering down at home, this amazing guy is making himself part of the fightback against the deluge of “regular” news overwhelming us from all directions.

It all started with a callout on Twitter in which Krasinski simply asked people to send in some good news:

Krasinski then gathered all this positive stuff together, added some creative magic and a generous helping of his unique humor to the mix, and out popped his new good news show with an intro that goes like this:

“And boy did you deliver. After reading those replies, and the incredibly heartwarming stories that came with them, I thought alright, enough is enough world, why not us, why not now. So, ladies and gentleman, this is your fault, and this is SGN. I am John Krasinski, and if it isn’t clear yet, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing! And now, for some good news.”

And what a debut it is! There are stories about the healthcare heroes around the world who are giving their all to help strangers with no expectation of thanks. SGN features clips of the heartfelt appreciation shown recently to them by regular people around the world. “Even indoors, in the weird world of isolation, good news was happening everywhere,” he announces, before going on to talk about how so many people are “making kindness look super easy.”

Then there are the gems about how love is overcoming social distancing rules while respecting them. There’s the U.S. couple who cancel their Paris trip, but whose proposal happens in front of an Eiffel Tower chalked on a brick wall, the Irish new grandfather who meets his newborn grandson through a window, and a Michigan couple who throw on their wedding attire seven years on, and show the party doesn’t have to end as they celebrate while quarantined at home.

For many , the highlight of the show is Krasinski’s live interview with his fellow star from The Office, and “Entertainment Correspondent Steve ‘Best Boss Ever’ Carrol,” marking the fifteenth anniversary of the hit mockumentary show. There's even a hint of a possible reunion in the air.

But for Krasinski, it seems the extra special story is the one he saves for last. Visibly moved, he talks to Coco Danz, a Californian teen who is welcomed home after her final chemo treatment with a street party shown in a touching clip:

Krasinski wraps up the show with a closing line that we can all relate to: “This is SGN asking you to remember that no matter how tough life can get there’s always good in the world.”

And we can expect more. As the new show’s credits roll, one of them says “We might just do this again.” Team Goodnet is waiting John!

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