Get on Board the ‘Wellness’ Train

Passengers were able to unwind and relax on this unique train experience.

Jul 29, 2022
Get on Board the ‘Wellness’ Train | Passengers were able to unwind and relax on this unique train experience.

Commuters were treated to a very different train experience in May. Instead of people looking at their smartphones or reading newspapers, this train was designed for people to destress as they rolled by doing mindful activities like meditation or arts and crafts.

The unique experience was operated on Saturday, May 7, 2022 by the London North Eastern Railway (LNER) and traveled from London’s King’s Cross to Lincoln in the UK, according to Time Out. The idea was to raise people’s understanding of what they can do to unwind and manage stress in time for Mental Health Awareness Week (May 9 – 14).

How did it come about?
The idea was the result of research conducted by LNER that showed that 53 percent of people who traveled by rail enjoyed their trip because it gave them a chance to relax and unwind, according to a news release from the railroad. In fact, 66 percent of the people surveyed believe that it is important while traveling to switch off everyday noise.

“Our research shows there is a well-established link between wellbeing and train travel. Our teams often share some of the creative activities they see our customers getting up to, whether that’s knitting a scarf, writing, enjoying some games onboard or doing some mindful coloring.” Kate McFerran, director of communications at LNER said in the news release.

“Experience shows us there is a huge amount of enjoyment to be found in making the most of a journey when travelling by train. It’s about so much more than just getting to your destination, but making the most of a relaxing environment to indulge in activities that enhance your sense of wellbeing.”

Taking this into consideration, the railroad decided to find a way to demonstrate all these different ways that people could relax and destress in the train. This resulted in the concept of the Wellness Train.

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The Wellness Train
This special train trip offered mood-boosting activities that were run by a team of experts, according to Country Living. Each passenger received a seat in a car that featured one activity and a special goodie bag.

So whether you wanted to learn relaxation activities with behavior therapist Ann Richardson, or learn the traditional art of paper folding, with Origami Party London there was actually something for everyone. Other mindful activities included a knitting class, adult doodling, meditation, fitness, and one was even dedicated to games and puzzles.

“The LNER Wellness Train will provide customers traveling between London King's Cross and Lincoln with a unique experience to engage in some of the most mindful activities you can do from the comfort of your own seat onboard the LNER Azuma service,”  the events organizers told Country Living.

While this was just a one-day event, it is hoped that people will take away the idea that train travel can be a relaxing and stress relieving way to commute every day.

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