Getting an Education at the School of Life

Emotional intelligence and learning how to lead a fulfilling life are the curriculum at this open minded institution of learning.


Pupils learning in a classroom

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There are cooking schools, veterinary schools and medical schools, but what about a school for life? That is the premise behind the aptly named initiative - School of Life - which instructs students on the ins and outs of emotional intelligence. Headquartered in the UK, the School of Life offers classes such as how to be resilient, how to relate to your family and how to communicate better in love. In an effort to help others lead more fulfilling lives, it also offers a wide range of therapies, in addition to books and videos that touch on all aspects of the human experience - like this Goodnet favorite about why literature is actually good for us. The intelligent content and community outreach are being transported globally, with Schools of Life campuses opening in Australia, Turkey and Brazil to name a few.
The School of Life serves as a critical resource, filling in gaps in the educational system by instructing people on the most important subject that isn’t taught in school - life itself.

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