A Gigantic Air Purifier Could Soon Clean the Air in New Delhi

Kurin Air Systems is planning to build a 12-meter-tall air purifier to provide clean air for 75,000 people.


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One of the joys of being out in nature is breathing that clean, crisp mountain air that instantly makes you feel healthy and awake. Breathing clean air can also reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases such as asthma.

For millions of people, especially those living in major cities and industrial centers, clean air remains a faint idea and luxury.

A Delhi based air purifier startup wants to make sure that the people living in the Indian capital can enjoy cleaner air, by installing a gigantic air purifier tower. This extremely large purifier can provide clean air for up to 75,000 people in a three-kilometer radius.

After testing the technology, Kurin Air Systems was recently granted a patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization for the tower that has been called the world's largest and strongest air purifier.

Xian, China currently has the tallest smog tower in the world but it runs on a completely different principal using ionization to clean the air.

The "City Cleaner" – that’s what Kurin calls the giant air purifier – is 40 feet (12m) high and 20 feet (6m) wide and has the capacity to clean up to 32 million cubic meters of air a day, according to the startup's co-founder Pavneet Singh Puri. The tower will use 48 fans and nine stages of filters to clean 99.99 percent of air pollutants.

This is really important in Delhi where the air quality is generally not good, and it gets worse around the time of the Diwali festival due to the heavy use of firecrackers. Purifying the air would make it a much healthier place for children who are more adversely affected by air pollution.

The tower can run on green energy from solar panels, but additional space will be needed for the panels. "We already have partners who are ready to help us with setting up solar panels. We ideally don’t want to use the power grid,” Puri told TNW.

Building the “City Cleaner” has not been approved yet. “We have been pitching the idea of city-level air cleaning to central as well as the state governments hoping to make a headway soon,” Madhur Mehta, the other co-founder of the firm told The Hindu.

The air purifying tower will cost around $239,000-$272,000 and could be completed as soon four months after it is approved. The best part is that this amazing new technology can be implemented in other large cities in India and around the world.

Now that will be a breath of fresh air.

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