The Smog Free Tower Makes Jewelry From Polluted Air

Turning dirt into diamonds


(Phil Watson Photography /

There’s nothing quite so refreshing than waking up in the morning, opening the window and taking a breath of clean, fresh air. Unfortunately, a growing number of people, especially those living in big cities, don’t get to enjoy this little joy of life.

In an attempt to highlight the dangers of air pollution Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers and experts have developed a gigantic air purifier that creates a bubble of clean air around it. The seven-meter-high Smog Free Tower can clean an astounding 30.000 cubic meters of air per hour, runs on green wind energy and uses no more electricity than a water boiler.

To present a tangible way of showing how much pollution is in our air, the carbon particles collected by the tower are pressed into little cubes and turned into jewelry that is auctioned off to fund the production of further towers.

After a successful pilot in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, the tower is now making a tour around the world and is currently cleaning the air in Beijing, China. While the is certainly not a permanent solution for the entire planet, the cross between functioning technology and conceptual art is surely raising awareness for the need for cleaner air.

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