Giving Billions of Boxes, Cans and Wrappers a New Lease on Life

UPSTREAM advocates and educates against the use of unsustainable packaging

Cans to recycle.

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Do you know what the root cause of waste is? Well according to the environmental organization UPSTREAM the answer is packaging – that means boxes, bottles and wrapping. Formed in 2003, UPSTREAM works to ensure that products are designed with sustainable materials that can be reused or recycled. Through original research, educational materials and campaigns, UPSTREAM targets large corporations and everyday consumers to minimize the production and accumulation of packaging waste. The proactive organization also works with government officials through initiatives like Product Stewardship Councils that make consumer goods companies accountable for reducing or eliminating the environmental impacts of their products. Similar to other initiatives that are targeting packaging like the zero-waste supermarket in.gredients, UPSTREAM is a strong advocate leading the way to a cleaner world.

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