Good Deeds Day 2021 Follow Up: Doing Good Just Keeps Getting Better!

GDD is inspiring communities in 108 countries and counting.

Participating in Good Deeds Day 2021

(Courtesy of Good Deeds Day)

Good Deeds Day (GDD) was globally commemorated this year, backed up by super-creative GDD initiatives including the first ever Goodstock conference. Despite the continuing backdrop of the pandemic, these initiatives ensured that everyone who wanted to make good deeds happen and spread the word about doing good had plenty of support, opportunities and inspiration to do just that. Here’s the lowdown on Good Deeds Day 2021!

Celebrating Good Deeds Day around the world on April 11

Millions of participants from 108 countries took part in Good Deeds Day 2021. From virtual projects to activities at home and in the field, people came together to volunteer, help others, and spread good around the world!

Here are some highlights:
Good Deeds Day Tanzania participated in a beach cleanup and picked up litter and waste along the shore (as shown in photo).

GDD partners in Argentina held a virtual workshop on sustainability and urban gardening.

Do-Nation Foundation of Saint Lucia teamed up with Girls Who Brunch Tour in the United States to deliver food and care packages throughout their communities.

The NVC practice group, Nepal joined the fun and participated in a community cleanup to tackle waste and pollution.

GDD partners The Internet Village in Gambia organized a massive community cleanup! 

Check out more local Good Deeds Day stories here!

Good Deeds Day Tanzania participated in a beach cleanup

(Courtesy of Good Deeds Day)

Goodstock made its debut!

On March 21, Good Deeds Day hosted the world’s largest virtual conference on doing good with a tagline of “being good is a state of mind”. This reflects the understanding that doing good extends beyond volunteering to every moment and aspect of life. Goodstock was also part of the increased globalization brought about by the pandemic, and new ways of communicating that have emerged through it.

The turnout at this multilingual conference reached over 6,000 participants. The event featured 66 speakers, and 71 exhibitions representing 93 countries, giving people a chance to connect and expand their networks.

Goodstock brought together leaders, educators, NGO and corporate social responsibility professionals, volunteers, psychologists, philosophers, entrepreneurs and government/municipality officials to all discuss one topic: Doing Good.

Speakers exploring key topics in the goodness orbit included Shari Arison, who opened the conference and gave a special interview. Shari Arison is the initiator of Good Deeds Day and leads the Arison Group – a global business and philanthropic group that invests in ventures with added value to people, society, the economy, and the environment.

#FAMING: Happiness grows when it’s shared!

Are you so over the shaming happening on social media from glass half empty pessimists? Want to shake it up and elevate happiness and goodness up high where they belong on social media?

Well now you can! Join the new  uplifting, new initiative from Good Deeds Day launched to coincide with GDD events, that invites you to do good on social media by flooding the net with good stories, compliments and praise – using the hashtag #FAMING!

Upload an Instagram story using the #FAMING filter, make someone happy on TikTok, add a frame to your Facebook profile picture, or send a sticker with an inspiring message on WhatsApp. There’s even an educational toolkit for youth to help you spread the word!

Businesswoman and philanthropist, Shari Arison, the initiator and driving force behind Good Deeds Day, explains the #FAMING challenge: “From Shaming to Faming. Whenever we have a negative or judgmental thought about ourselves or someone else - let's shift and think of something good instead. Over time we will build this muscle until we naturally start faming ourselves and others all the time. ”

Using the hashtag #FAMING, share it on the networks you use, and light up the lives of people around you  – it’s that simple! And you’re encouraged to invite friends, neighbors and family to join in.

The milestone of doing good that is Good Deeds Day is set to continue extending an abundance of goodness into the year ahead. Be a part of this global movement of doing good now!


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Good Deeds Day, an annual global day of doing good, is the pinnacle of doing good year-round. Initiated in 2007 by business woman and philanthropist Shari Arison, Good Deeds Day has grown to 108 countries with millions of participants.  Good Deeds Day 2021 is on April 11.