GOOD Honors 100 Top Global Citizens - See How You Can Be One Too

How you - yes you - can make the world a better place


Doing Good
Kindness makes the world better.

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GOOD is just what its name suggests - the LA-based online platform and magazine is a meeting spot for individuals interested in changing the world for the better (or, in the GOOD lingo - "for people who give a damn").
On any given day, you can find a treasure trove of inspiring stories about initiatives that focus on social good, yet a recent endeavor goes well beyond that: in a joint effort with GAP, GOOD showcases no less than 100 individuals of 2014 - people who are using their talents to enact change in almost every field; from journalism and the environment to hip hop and design. Armed with creativity, proactivity and a generious heart, each of these superstars tackle social and environmental problems every single day.
Take Reshma Saujani for instance: the founder of Girls Who Code and a Goodnet favorite, is highlighted for creating a program that encourages young women to pursue science, math and engineering. Other notable fellows mentioned here are Jack Sim, an advocate for global sanitation and the founder of the World Toilet Organization, has taken to fix a pressing issue that's considered taboo; and Rob and Chelsea McFarland - zealous protectors of urban beekeeping.
If you think these amazing icons of global change are far and beyond anything related to your life - think again. Everyone is a good doer according to GOOD - you just have to figure out where your passions are hidden and what makes you tick. Take this 100 question quiz to find out your Doer Type - one of 16 types, titled with flair and panache: are you a field marshal or a social cartographer?
Once all 100 questions have been completed – yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief - GOOD quiz takers can embark on a new journey; having now more insight and inspiration into the unlocked potential, you have all you need to make the world a better place - with your own style.  
To take the quiz and find out what Doer Type you are - click here. 

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