Good Old Fashioned Letters Are Putting Smiles on Seniors' Faces

Love For The Elderly is a nonprofit founded by a 14-year old which distributes uplifting notes of kindness to seniors


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A typical teenager’s life revolves around school and hanging out with their friends, but 14-year-old Jacob Cramer has a different passion – to make elderly citizens happy. Love For The Elderly is Cramer’s nonprofit, which distributes letters of kindness to seniors throughout the United States. 
The elderly are the fastest growing population in the world, and as old age sets in, their need for attention and care become more acute. Cramer has tapped into their plight with a method that most seniors can relate to – good old fashioned letter-writing. Started in 2013, Love For The Elderly is just beginning to gain steam, but the nonprofit already has received letters from all corners of the globe - from Australia to Iceland.
It’s super easy to join in this kindness movement, whether you are looking for a meaningful activity for yourself or the kiddies. Creative handwritten letters can be sent by snail mail, or perky enlivening messages can be submitted online. Check out the Love For The Elderly Letter of the Week to get your creative juices flowing!

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