A Guide to Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Discover the power of self-love

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The strength and quality of your relationships is built on your ability to love yourself. Somehow people often find it most difficult to give themselves the love they deserve. When you stop for a moment and consider how you interact with yourself you can develop tools to grow your self-love. By thinking positively and optimistically you can learn how to become your own greatest ally.

Develop self-empathy

Increasing awareness of negative thinking is one of the first stages toward becoming your own best friend, claims Psychology Today. Everyone has an inner critic, but it's critical to investigate and see when this voice is limiting you and develop the skills to refute these ideas. Try to think how your real best friend would try to raise your spirits. What words of encouragement or support would your friends say to you to help you feel better? That’s the way you should be speaking with yourself! 

Be aware of what your vision of an ideal self-relationship would look like. Treat yourself with respect and kindness. When you mess up, don’t beat yourself up. Instead learn to be accepting and loving.  Just as with any relationship, it's important to communicate with yourself and take the time to understand your own needs and wants.

Show yourself some empathy - be kind and considerate and gentle with yourself. Also forgive yourself when your mistakes, as everyone who is human is bound to do. Try to develop clear communication with yourself, like you do in all other interactions.

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Quality time
According to aconsciousrethink, another suggestion is to spend quality time alone doing something you enjoy. Take yourself on a hike, enjoy your favorite gourmet ice cream or go to a museum exhibition. When you spend time  with yourself you cultivate a closer, calmer self-relationship.

Celebrate your strengths

Being your own best friend requires work and dedication, but the benefits are enormous, claims Thrive Global. You may create a foundation of self-acceptance and confidence that will permeate all other parts of your life by putting a special emphasis on self-love, increasing awareness of negative thinking, and building a positive relationship with yourself.

It's crucial to cultivate thankfulness for your individuality. Celebrate your abilities and skills while embracing your uniqueness. When you put your attention on your positive qualities, you can develop a lasting friendship with yourself that is based on positivity and love.

Being alone and being lonely are two very distinct entities, Healthline reports.  When you start to value your self-worth, you can learn to appreciate being alone. Celebrate your abilities and skills while embracing your uniqueness. When you internalize the importance of building a healthy and strong connection to yourself and begin to invest in yourself and take good care of your needs it won’t take long until you find that it is the start of a beautiful friendship between you and yourself!

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