Happiness Grows When it’s Shared!

Join the #FAMING social media challenge and spread good vibes only!

Highlight the good by joining the hashtag FAMING campaign

(Courtesy of Good Deeds Day)

Are you so over the shaming happening on social media from glass half empty pessimists? Want to shake it up and elevate happiness and goodness up high where they belong on WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram?

Well now you can. The #FAMING challenge is an uplifting, new initiative from Good Deeds Day that invites you to do good on social media by flooding the net with good stories, compliments and praise – using the hashtag #FAMING! Illuminate the good out there – there’s plenty of it around you!

Upload an Instagram story using the #FAMING filter, make someone happy on TikTok, add a frame to your Facebook profile picture, or send a sticker with an inspiring message on WhatsApp. There’s even an educational toolkit for youth to help you spread the word!

Businesswoman and philanthropist, Shari Arison, the initiator and driving force behind Good Deeds Day, explains the #FAMING challenge in her own words: “From Shaming to Faming. Whenever we have a negative or judgmental thought about ourselves or someone else - let's shift and think of something good instead. Over time we will build this muscle until we naturally start faming ourselves and others all the time. ”

There’s beauty in appreciating the little things in life. And we all know that from little acorns mighty oaks grow, so you’re invited to share the good!

Did your friend help carry her neighbor’s shopping bags? Did your morning commute bus driver help an elderly person get on the bus? Perhaps your sister bought a gift for your mom or grandma just because, or do you want to thank someone for making you a meal when you were unwell, taking care of the kids when you were stuck in traffic, or starting a local recycling scheme?

Using the hashtag #FAMING, share it on the networks you use, and light up the lives of people around you  – it’s that simple! And you’re encouraged to invite friends, neighbors and family to join in.

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Sharing is fundamental to the development of all human relationships. As a study revealing the happiness that sharing on social media brings to next gen adults discusses, research shows that the traditional notion of sharing (for instance a book, smile or good news) is a truly powerful way to bring happiness to the sharers.

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” This quote is attributed to Gautama Buddha, the spiritual teacher and religious leader who lived in ancient India. It is this timeless truism that is behind the #FAMING endeavor today.

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Good Deeds Day, an annual global day of doing good, is the pinnacle of doing good year-round. Initiated in 2007 by business woman and philanthropist Shari Arison, Good Deeds Day has grown to 108 countries with millions of participants.  Good Deeds Day 2021 is on April 11.