The Healing Power of Crystal Meditation

Heal your mind, body, and soul.

Crystals can be powerful meditation tools.

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Crystal meditation has become a popular alternative healing method with people around the globe integrating crystals into their mindful practice. But what’s the hype about crystals? Why are people drawn to them?

Crystals invite you to embrace that loving, healing energy that resides within, according to Healthline. People often assume that crystals do all the work regarding healing. However, it’s actually you that carries the power. 

While crystals are known to have healing properties, you hold power. By choosing one that you resonate with, you’re in control. Think of it as guidance from the properties to unleash the true power that resides within. Access your highest self by meditating with Mother Nature's crystals. 

Set Your Intentions

Before you begin your meditation, take some time to set your intentions. According to Verywell Mind intention-setting plays a vital role in the mind-body connection. It allows you to become present as you ground down into your mindful practice.

Think about what you want to accomplish with your meditation. What feelings would you like to evoke?  If you find yourself distracted throughout your meditation, simply return to your intention to bring you back to the present moment.

Various crystals used for healing.

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Choosing Your Crystal 

Each crystal carries unique healing properties, according to Satin Crystals website. By initially setting your intentions, you can choose the right crystal for you and your practice. Is it time to let go of toxic behaviors or bad habits? Or are you striving for more compassion, gratitude, and growth? For crystal meditation, try these three crystals:

When you’re searching for moments of peace in chaos-filled days, amethyst has got your back. That’s because amethyst relieves stress and soothes anxiety. The purple crystal also embodies strong healing powers that encourage you to trust your intuition and connect with your highest self.For those moments when your mind feels in overdrive and your emotions take over, reach for that amethyst!

Citrine is a crystal that enhances creativity, open-mindedness, and happiness, according to mindbodygreen. Crystals like this one are ideal for improving negative emotional states. To meditate with citrine, hold the crystal in your hand and imagine your happiest version. As these mental images appear, allow your body to respond. 

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz opens up the heart chakra to create space for all the love in your life. When introducing this crystal into your meditations, focus on the heart chakra. You can harness that loving energy into your day to establish meaningful relationships with the ones you love. You can access your highest self by meditating with Mother Nature's crystals. Discover the answers you are looking for within you by tapping within. 

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