5 Ways to Incorporate Crystals in Your Healing

Enhance your healing practices with crystals.


Crystals, Healing
Crystals deepen spiritual healing.

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Aside from their stunning beauty, crystals help deepen spiritual practices and provide healing comfort. Crystals have been used in traditional healing for centuries by people around the world, from the ancient Egyptians to Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

The chemical structure of different crystals is said to give vibrational energies that raise consciousness and awareness according to Healthline. Each mineral has different characteristics and meanings that reinforce intentions and help achieve a specific outcome.

You may already have a few go-to rituals in your wellness routine including: prayer, meditation, lighting candles, burning incense, or wearing essential oils. Crystals enhance the healing energy of these wellness practices. Keeping a crystal nearby will deepen your spiritual practice by connecting you with the vibrational energies of that particular stone.  Here's how you can incorporate crystals into your healing practices:

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry invites the healing properties of a specific stone to help attract what you want. For example, rose quartz is known as the stone of love that vibrates high frequency and can enhance your potential to encompass a strong, deepest interpersonal emotion, according to The Times of India. You can display the stunning beauty of each crystal as jewelry while inviting all that healing energy.

Crystal jewelry is more than bling.

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Massage Your Skin With Crystal Rollers

Crystal facial massage rollers, often made out of jade, amethyst, or rose quartz, rejuvenate your skin and reduce puffiness and wrinkles. This beauty ritual was used in many cultures according to Dose. The ancient Chinese used jade to help to improve lymphatic flow and quartz was used by Egyptians for healthy and glowing skin.

Use a crystal roller during you face massage.

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Carry a Crystal to Manifest Desires

Different crystals represent specific energetic vibrations to manifest desires into being. Take the time to consider what you’d like to manifest into your life. Then choose a crystal that will attract what you want. When you carry the crystal with you during the day, you guide that manifestation into your life and set the intention to attract what you want. Wanderlust suggests agate to inspire strength, larimar for serenity, or clear quartz to tune into your intuition.

These crystals are portable.

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Decorate Your Home With Crystals

Crystals can create good feng shui vibes in the home. The Spruce suggests black tourmaline and hematite for their protective properties. Meanwhile, citrine attracts wealth and abundance, or rose quartz invites loving energy into the home. You can also place crystals to accent an altar, shrine, or any sacred space.

Crystals will accent your sacred space.

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Practice Sound Healing 

Tibetan Buddhist cultures use singing bowls, like those made of quartz crystal, as a type of energy medicine to fix broken frequencies in the body, mind, and soul. They often strike the bowls to create a soothing sound during meditation and chanting.

A study from the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that this type of singing bowl sound meditation left participants feeling more relaxed and less stressed. You can enjoy the soothing healing sounds of rubbing the rim of a quartz crystal bowl with a felt cloth-covered mallet.

Use Crystal singing bowls for sound healing.

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